Tuesday, June 1, 2010

BBQ's & Friends... Thanks & Praise on MEMORIAL DAY

What is more fun than a good old fashion BBQ with friends? I love the smell of the BBQ and love hamburgers even more. Then there is the watermelon, chips and soda. Our weather was a bit cruddy... it rained most of the day and at one point poured. The kids tried to play outside a few times when the sun shown through the clouds, but soon after they either got rained out or muddy/wet. We had a great Memorial Day regardless and thank to the Karen's for sharing it with us.

On a more serious note, I want to take a minute to share my thoughts about our American Hero's. I believe that freedom does not come with-out a price. This price comes in all forms; monetary, time, sacrifice and death for many. If I did not say thank you to those that serve our country now and in the past, I would be remiss.

I personally have a brother that is currently serving, in the Air Force and has been for 10+ years. He is an officer with a current rank of Major. He is currently stationed at the Pentagon. My family is so proud of him and his choice to have a career protecting our country. 

My father served, in the Marine Corp and my other brother and his wife served in the Army. I have extended family that is also currently serving. My grandpa Agnew also served. We are equally proud of  their service and thank all of them for protecting us.

My heart this day is with the families that have lost their precious Mothers, Fathers, Brothers and Sisters. May God encircle you with his love and give you peace to know your fallen haven't died in vain. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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Amber said...

It was nice getting together! Thanks for coming!