Friday, March 19, 2010

Best Day of the New Year

What an amazing day... 65 degrees and sunny. It was day two in a row of AMAZING weather. Yesterday Pete and I walked with Cooper and Delaney to our community park. Cooper played for awhile then we waked to Pete's work down the street from the park to see the "WATERFALLS". Remember Cooper LOVES water. I even got a little pink on my face and was worried that Delaney would get burned... I forgot to put sun screen on her so I was covering her face and head most of the time... the sun hasn't been out for months!

Today, I took Cooper, Delaney and his cousin Kendell to a much bigger park about 5 minutes away. We met Auntie Courntney and Macey... the kids played and played. Cooper was having so much fun playing, in the sand, that he threw it in the air and of course it hit Delaney and I in the face (it was really windy). I had a visions of it happening seconds before it did and even yelled at him not to throw the sand. Obviously I was too late. Anyway, they had a blast.

Later, on our way home from running errands, at about 5pm Cooper fell asleep in the car then proceeded to sleep the next 2 hours in his bed... so it is 11:27pm and he is still up. I tried for 2 hours to keep him in his bed, but he WON cuz I gave up! Kendell is staying the night and has been sleeping soundly for the last 2.5 hours. Luv that girl! Tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same weather... CAN'T WAIT... outdoors here we come...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Brother & Sister

Cooper was holding Delaney and they looks so cute I couldn't resist taking yet more pictures. Cooper is sporting a new hair cut by mommy and Delaney is wearing a baby gift from Grandma and Grandpa. It is a 3-6 month size and she is already filling it out quite well. I am not use to having a baby that is bigger than their size in months, but chubby babies are so cute!


I told him to say "cheese"

She can't keep her hand out of her mouth and is already starting teething


This is a hand-me-down toy from Cooper. It is an exersaucer and Cooper loved it. Delaney is just as happy and having a great time. She is very inquisitive and attentive so she can sit in it for quite some time and be totally entertained. I did have to stuff a blanket around her to help her sit up better, but she loves it too!


Delaney has been lifting herself up for awhile during tummy time, but on this day she was doing a really good job. Her big brother was on hand to give encouragement! The sun was really bright shinning through the window so some of the picture are not very good...

Check out those cheeks... can we say chubby ;-)

Come on Laney, you can do it!

Our little ham!


I started this posting in January, but for some reason it never posted so it is a bit out of order.... This was the first year that Cooper really understood the concept of Santa and X-mas morning presents. He was so cute and really overwhelmed. He really scored! His stocking was full to the rim and all the presents under the tree were for him from Santa. We opened family presents later that day with the WHOLE family at Auntie Courntey's house. This was truly a fun experiance for Mommy and Daddy to watch the pure joy and excitement of our oldest child... we can't wait for Delaney to join in the festivities...

Look Santa was here...

A barn with a bunch of animals were waiting (he loves animals)

He opened his stalking first... animals, 2 DVD's, socks and some candy.

Santa's first present...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Most Amazing Husband & Father

This week Pete started a new schedule at work, the dreaded night shift. Since he is the lowest on the totem pole he was forced to change from the day to night shift (8:30pm to 7am). It really is an undersible shift for a young family and his whole routine has been thrown off, but can I just say that he is such a trooper. He has not complained (much) and is only doing it for us. To top it off he is really suffering with his alergies right now (ichy eyes, etc.) Not the best time for it to flair up.... He loves his family and works really hard to provide a home and the thing we need. We love him so much and are proud he is our Dad and Husband! We love you and thanks for all you do for us!

The Wineymommy & snackTAXI

I found this blog called The Winey Mommy. She has a bunch of links to other sites one is snackTAXI. Both are totally cool. The snackTAXI are designer reusable food bags. Althought, I am not really a "Greenie" I do appreciate products that make sense and are easy to use. Check out the sites &