Sunday, May 30, 2010

Provident Living...

We finally have a big enough back yard to plant a "real" garden. In our other house we planted tomatoes, strawberries and blueberries, but didn't get a really big yield. This year we went BIG! We planted 4 rows of corn, both white and yellow, 2 rows of squash, 1 row of cabbage, 2 rows of carrots, 1 row of onions, both green and red. We also planted a row of string beans, green beans and snow peas. We still have strawberries to plant along with the pumpkins and watermelons. We are thinking about blueberries too.

Cooper, "lover of all water", had a blast helping water the garden. Of course he was wet by the end. You can even see that he put his head, in a bucket, full of water. A few days after the initial planting we watered again.... check out Cooper's attempt to water the garden. Looks like the shed was being watered instead.

I am so excited for our family to eat our harvest, plus I love canning. It will make great baby food.

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