Thursday, June 10, 2010

We Love the OUTDOORS...

We LOVE the outdoors so; there is no better place to live than the Pacific Northwest. We also love camping, but since we had Cooper and now Delaney I haven't been. Pete has only been a few times with the Scouts. It hasn't been enough for our liking... so we decided to bring camping to us, thus the camp fire, in our back yard. Yes, you heard me right... our backyard is large enough to have our own fire ring. We positioned it between two huge fir trees. The rocks were already in our yard so it cost us nothing.

Cooper loved helping dig the hole and even continued digging well after the pit was finished. It was so fun to sit in camping chairs and watch the fire burn. I even smelled like a camp fire after... which brings back so many memories. We enjoyed our "family home evening" by the ring and talked about nature.  The only thing missing were the smores, but don't worry I have them on my shopping list for next time. I can't say it enough... WE LOVE THE OUTDOORS!

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