Saturday, November 12, 2011

Make-Up Artist in the Making

This morning I was getting ready to run some errands... I was putting on my make-up and Laney came into the bathroom and started taking out makeup from my make-up bag. At first, she was using the brushes on her face (coping Mom). Then, she got the eye lash curler and put it up to her eye (boy, they really do watch everything you do). Next, the mascara... it was an old tube and I didn't think she could open it. She left the room and was gone for quite a while. Cooper came running in and told me Laney had "something" in her hand. I went to check on her and this is what I found....

 Her hair got a good coating too!

Needless to say it was equally all over her hands. Cooper never did anything like this!

We Love the Zoo!!

This Thursday the fall weather was so nice that Cooper, Delaney & I ventured to the Oregon Zoo. We took some new friends Heidi, McKay & Riley with us. We saw all the animals and rode the train. We had a great time with our friends.

 Cooper loves holding the zoo map.

 Love this picture.
 Of course Cooper thinks these are the animals from Lion King (the 1st movie he saw at the movie theater & his daddy took him)

 Climbing on the rock wall.

 The little lion in his den (sounds and all)

 This is how I feel sometimes... Just need something to hold my head up!
 Watching the Sea Lion was fun as the trainer was having it do tricks.

 Here comes the train. We LOVE trains too!
 Laney's signature pose.

 Yes, half way through full blown tantrum... for about min... this little one gives me a run for my money. So glad I love her so much!