Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple Dedication

One of the first things we did on our recent trip to Utah was to visit the Oquirrh Mountain Temple during the dedication period with our family. Pete's brother George and his wife Carrie along with their kids Kalie, Kaulin and Charlie made the arrangements months ahead of our visit. Pete's parents came with us also. We first watched a movie about temples and their importance then we got to walk trough the temple. We were so excited to see the beauty and to fill the spirit. It was an amazing experience to have Cooper in the temple with us... The next time will be many years off. The spirit was so strong and having our family with us made it even more special. Thanks Carrie for making this happen.

Grandma and Grandpa Allen posing with us. I wish I could say that that big roll was all pregnancy, but that would be a lie.

Carrie, Kalie, Charlie, Kaulin and George... There are a few missing from this photo (Madison, Dane and Coy). I just love seeing families at the temple.

Love between Father and Son

Cooper is so loving and kind. He often gives "loves" and we just want to eat him up... This day Daddy happened to be leaving for work and Cooper was ready with one of his kissed "good-bye". I love this picture.

One of many more to come....

Any one who knows our little guy knows that he doesn't walk anywhere, but instead he runs everywhere. This day happened to be just like normal.... he was running down the sidewalk and tripped just before he got to the door. He landed head first on the raised threshold. I saw the whole accident happen and the loud thump of his landing. For a split second I paniced thinking the wost, but it turns out he is watched by angles with only pretty large scratch and a bit of a bump. He has a huge threshold for pain so he only cried a few minutes and then he was off and running again... I think it is a boy thing!

He wanted the camera here...

and started crying when I wouldn't give it to him.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Train Ride

So since everything in Cooper's life is about trains, my Dad (Papa) decided to take him on a real train ride on Saturday, 5-23-09, Memorial Day weekend. The Yacolt trains is several miles long and run through some really beautiful country and passes over a fairly large river. It is only about 3 minutes from my parents house. Cooper, being 2, has the attention span that can't last more than a few seconds. He got tired of the train really soon as you will be able to see. It was really neat, but took more effort than it was worth. Maybe, being 3 months pregnant didn't help with my nerves either. My nieces, Payton and Kendall came along for the fun.

Dad & Cooper at the station waiting to leave.

still waiting to leave...

Mama & Cooper
Cooper & Dad before the train left the station
Papa & Kendall
At this point he was done and so were we.... only 10 minutes into the trip ;-)