Friday, June 11, 2010

A Childs Prayer

We have been saying daily prayers with Cooper since he was a baby. At about 2 he started saying his prayers by repeating us. Recently, he has started to say part of his prayers on his own. Well, yesterday before Pete went to work,  he started saying his nightly prayer by himself. He started off by blessing his Family and Sister then he said "bless me to go to the Zoo... bless me to go to the Animal Park... bless me to go on an Adventure"... at that point we redirected the prayer. He told me "no mommy, my turn" and started all over. I thought it was so cute and had to keep myself from laughing. I think it is neat that he understands that you can pray to Heavenly Father for things you want. We need to work more on the "thanking" part, but looks like we are on the right track!

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Scott and Megan said...

I left a comment on the beanLee post. THANKS tons for letting me see pictures of the chubby face in those headbands! SOOO cute!