Saturday, February 27, 2010

Paytons 7th Birthday Party

We can't believe that our precious neice payton just turned seven. It feels like only yesterday she was a baby. So we got to share her special day with her and 12 of her friends today. We decorated flip flops, made hair bows, sang the Happy Birthday song and ate cake. Her mommy did a great job of decorating and the homemade cup cakes were as good as they looked. We had a great time minus the few injuries to little toes (the kids decided to play on a rocky slope in their new shoes with out us knowing). After just about every little kido had some degree of an owie we decided to either keep them inside or buy more band-aids. Needless to say it was a great day enjoyed by all!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Sleeping Babies

I love sleeping babies. The pictures are not nearly as cute as in person, but I can't resist taking them. My little angles.

Daddy was pulling back the covers to see his face.

Look at his rosie red cheeks, he is sick with Croup ;-(

She was asleep until I started taking pictures and the flash woke her up.

Mommy & Daugher...

Laney-bug, as we call her, is just getting bigger every day. I love this outfit she got as a baby gift. Daddy insisted that I be in some photos as I am always taking the pictures. I hate having my picture taken, but how could I resist with by little bug in hand?

I love the hearts and the pants are velour. Pink is my new favorite color.... Really! Thanks Grandma & Grandpa.

Love the hair bands Amber!

Check out the double chin... just like momma.

I love these socks Joni. It really looks like she has shoes on.

The Sun is Shinning...

On Monday this week we finally had a sunny day that was on the warmer side (although, you can't tell by the way Cooper is dressed). It is in the 50's and really bright. I must admit Cooper is a bit sick so I should have kept him inside, but we do not get too many of these days, in February, so we have to take advantage while we can. Daddy had the day off so we all enjoyed it together.

He loves to ride his 4 wheeler, but doesn't have the steering down yet... he often crashes and wants help!

First signs of spring... I can't wait!

Daddy's little helper!

His nose is running..

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Zoo Time

The zoo membership we bought, in September, was one of the smartest purchase we have made. We have more than used our monies worth and it isn't even the summer yet. Cooper loves animals and knows them all by name... even orangutan's, sloth's and armadillo's. This trip was extra fun as one of the elephants put on a show for us. This day was a bit crowed, but the weather was great! We love the zoo...


At Delaney's baby shower the guests made flower and bow clips for her. Amber supervised the process and we got a ton of cute hair accessories. This one is one of my favorites. A bit big, but so cute.... I eventually changed it to a smaller flower. Love them!

Such a BIG Boy!

We had just gotten home from church and He looked so cute in his dress cloths. He is such a big boy!

So Big So Fast....

I can't believe how fast they grow... Delaney now weighs 12lbs. 2oz.! They are so precious when they are sleeping. I can't help taking a ton of pictures.

he is kissing her, really!

She dosen't even fit in the newborn outfits any more... I am so sad!