Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yakima, Washington Road Trip

I wanted to get delicious apples for cheap so I got Papa and the family headed to the apple farms of Yakima Washington. It is a several hour trip, but passes through some really beautiful country. We stopped to see Mt. St. Helen's and took pictures. We finally made it to Yakima and spent some time trying to find the "farms". I really had pictured the type where you could pick-your-own except I just wanted to purchase the picked ones. After driving around for what seemed like hours; we finally found a "road-side" stand that had apples, pears and peaches at a really good price ($.40 per pound). I bought a 25 pound box of apples and one of peaches (a few days later Pete, Courtney & I canned them).

On our way home we decided to take a scenic tour of a valley. It was so beautiful. We stopped at a little lake and walked around a bit. Cooper, Papa & Dad all went to the water and saw tadpoles. I stayed and fed Laney. From the spot we could see Mt. Rainer, boy is it beautiful. We left our home at 7am and didn't return until about 8pm. The kids did so well considering we drove most of the 12+ hours we were gone. We had a great time. For sure a trip to do again next year!!!
 Mt. St. Helen's
 These are our on-the-way-home pictures
 Pete has his knees bent and is on a lower step then Papa to make Papa look like a giant.
 Mt. Ranier

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