Monday, October 25, 2010

More Garden

So this was our 4th harvest or so for the summer. We loved our garden this year. We ate really well and were able to stock up for this winter. Sadly, we were not able to harvest any of our corn due to our "new pets" or pest rather (squirrels or opossums). The tomatoes were a big flop this year too. I had expected to have enough to can enough to last until next harvest. I had enough blooms, but most of them didn't turn red and most of the ones that did were diseased. We waited too long to plant our pumpkins so we didn't get any big enough to carve for Halloween.

I can't wait to eat some of our frozen veggies in soups and casseroles. We have bigger plans for next year and have learned a few things to do different. Check out the huge carrots...

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