Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fun in the Sun

We recently had some AMAZING weather. We are talking the 70's; which after months of rain and temperature in the 30's and 40's it was long over due. We were blessed with a few sunny days prior to this, but these days were especially nice.

I met some friends at a local park so our kids could play while we chatted. Mom's need some "play time" too! Anyway, the kids had a great time playing on the play structure. Cooper and his friend Tacy managed to find water and got their pants all wet. Since it was so hot we just took their pants off. Of course anyone who knows Cooper knows that keeping cloths on him is a challenge, in the best of circumstances. We looked like "white trash", but they were having so much fun we didn't care.

Sadly, since then we haven't had really any good weather and it has rained almost every day. I do like the rain, but am looking forward to some sunny weather. Now, Mother Nature, don't get me wrong... I want sun, but not too hot. The low 70's would be perfect. 

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Amber said...

Cute pictures...we definately need more sunshine so we can go to the park again.