Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Oregon Zoo w/ Friends

A few weeks ago, my friend Temple and I took our boys, Cooper & Mark to the Zoo. The weather was great and we had a blast. The boys are exactly 1 year and 1 day apart in age. Delaney tagged along of course.

We ate our sack lunch, in the amphitheater. The boys had a blast running through the grass and meeting new friends. They also enjoyed climbing on the stone animals and rock walls. The animals were, of course, the highlight of the trip.

Seeing that Cooper loves the Zoo my plan is to visit at least twice per month; so if anyone wants to join us let me know... I have a pass.

Note to self... the parking was terrible. Next time it might be wise to park at the MAX station, in Janzen Beach, then take the train to the Zoo. It lets out right in front of the entrance to the Zoo. This should make the experience much more fun for me. Besides the parking spaces are really tight for larger cars, including vans. What were they thinking? Who else is going to the zoo, but mom's with vans? Poor planning...

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