Sunday, April 18, 2010


The Sunday before Easter, since Conference fell on Easter, we dressed up for Church in our new outfits. Cooper is sporting a new suit, Delaney her first Easter outfit and Daddy has a new tie. We were in coordinating colors and pink was our color this year. I love PINK!

He is saying "cheese" here, hence the closed eyes...

What a "little Man"

I couldn't get Cooper, Dad and Laney to look at the camera at the same time...

For Easter weekend this year we had a guest, Kendall, our niece stay with us. She is exactly a year older than cooper so they had a blast celebrating! Cooper really doesn't like candy (I know a bit weird, but true none-the-less), but with Kendall around to show him the ropes he ate his fair share. I think all in all Cooper got 4 baskets this year, the first from our good family friend Janice who is like another Grandma to Cooper and Delaney, the second from the Easter Bunny of course, followed by the yummy basket from Nana & Papa filled with everything including fun bouncing balls, then Auntie Kelly showed up with the last basket filled with more yummies and a kite. Needless to say this was a GREAT Easter and the first one Cooper really understood what was happening with the Easter Bunny. Don't worry Delaney got a basket from everyone as well.

The spirit was also present, in our home, this holiday even though the true meaning of the holiday, Christ's death and Resurrection, was a little lost on our babies this year. Next year Cooper will be almost 4 and should be able to understand a bit better.

I feel this is a good time to add that I know my Savior lives and died so I can have an Eternal Family. This knowledge is my most precious possion. I love my family so much and am so comforted that I will be able to live with them even past death because of my Elder Brother's sacrifice. They love us so much and want us to be happy. I love my Father-in-Heaven and my Brother Jesus Christ!

Kendall's basket is the first on the left, followed by Cooper's, then Dad's basket (of Course), then Delaney's.

Striking a pose with the baskets... Kendall was up sometime before 6 am and found her basket... she was already eating candy and playing with her toys before Pete got home from work at 6:30am. Poor Daddy... he staid up with us for a bit before going to bed for a few hours then off to Nana & Papa's house for Easter dinner then to work again that night. Boy, it was a long day for him... We love him for taking such good care of us!
This is a combination of a couple of baskets after they were ransacked and picked through by Cooper and his Cousins Payton, Kendall and Macey.

Kendall, Uncle Nathan and Jacob (I can't believe he is almost 15)

Aunt Courntey cutting the yummy cake Aunt Kelly made.
Nana loves holding the babies and they love being held by her. She is holding the two youngest grand babies Delaney 4 months and Macey 20 months.

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Looks like you had a fun Easter!