Friday, March 19, 2010

Best Day of the New Year

What an amazing day... 65 degrees and sunny. It was day two in a row of AMAZING weather. Yesterday Pete and I walked with Cooper and Delaney to our community park. Cooper played for awhile then we waked to Pete's work down the street from the park to see the "WATERFALLS". Remember Cooper LOVES water. I even got a little pink on my face and was worried that Delaney would get burned... I forgot to put sun screen on her so I was covering her face and head most of the time... the sun hasn't been out for months!

Today, I took Cooper, Delaney and his cousin Kendell to a much bigger park about 5 minutes away. We met Auntie Courntney and Macey... the kids played and played. Cooper was having so much fun playing, in the sand, that he threw it in the air and of course it hit Delaney and I in the face (it was really windy). I had a visions of it happening seconds before it did and even yelled at him not to throw the sand. Obviously I was too late. Anyway, they had a blast.

Later, on our way home from running errands, at about 5pm Cooper fell asleep in the car then proceeded to sleep the next 2 hours in his bed... so it is 11:27pm and he is still up. I tried for 2 hours to keep him in his bed, but he WON cuz I gave up! Kendell is staying the night and has been sleeping soundly for the last 2.5 hours. Luv that girl! Tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same weather... CAN'T WAIT... outdoors here we come...

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Ben & Mona said...

So fun catching up and seeing your beautiful kids. My what a change a few years makes! They look so great and sounds like you're doing well.