Sunday, April 18, 2010

Daddy's Girl!

It is TRUE.... Delaney is officially Daddy's Girl. She loves looking at him, him holding her, etc. She lights up when she hears his voice and coos at him. She does some of the same things with me, but it is different with him. He teases me that I am going to be upset when she is older and wants him instead of me. Truth be told I will be upset, I was jealous when Cooper was a baby and he preferred his Dad. Now because I am with them more they want me when they are upset, but love to spend time with Dad when he is around. Honestly, I want my babies to want to be around their Daddy, he is a great Father and has lots to teach them. We are so lucky.

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Mom to Many said...

ut oh... those look like sleepy eyes! ;)