Saturday, May 23, 2009

TRAIN TABLE.... (Birthday gift)

We decided to get a train table for Cooper's birthday. Nana and Papa went in on it with us. Cooper has had Thomas the Train and tracks for some time, but we were using our coffee table which allowed the track to get pushed off easily. Then he would get really upset and push what ever had not fallen off-off. Pete took him to Toys R Us to get the table yesterday (Friday) and a few extra trains. When they got home it was nap time so we put the table together while he was asleep. He really didn't fall asleep for about an hour after we put him down so when we were done assembling the table and putting the track together he was still asleep. I was so excited for him to see the table that I convinced Pete to wake him up. It was like Christmas morning... I was waiting for him with the camera. He was so excited. He ended up playing non stop for the next 5+ hours. His attention span is not normally that long so I think we have a hit. First thing the next morning he was asking about "Tom" and ran right out of his room to play.

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Amber said...

So cute...looks like he's a very happy little boy.