Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Train Ride

So since everything in Cooper's life is about trains, my Dad (Papa) decided to take him on a real train ride on Saturday, 5-23-09, Memorial Day weekend. The Yacolt trains is several miles long and run through some really beautiful country and passes over a fairly large river. It is only about 3 minutes from my parents house. Cooper, being 2, has the attention span that can't last more than a few seconds. He got tired of the train really soon as you will be able to see. It was really neat, but took more effort than it was worth. Maybe, being 3 months pregnant didn't help with my nerves either. My nieces, Payton and Kendall came along for the fun.

Dad & Cooper at the station waiting to leave.

still waiting to leave...

Mama & Cooper
Cooper & Dad before the train left the station
Papa & Kendall
At this point he was done and so were we.... only 10 minutes into the trip ;-)

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Scott and Megan said...

wendus thank you so much for posting that link to the meg's miracle. this has just sucked, but I have had the nicest friends who have put together such a great thing and I just want you to know that I am so glad to have your support and CONSTANT care. Love you lots!! xo