Thursday, September 16, 2010

2nd Summer Beach Trip... Rockaway Beach, Oregon

We needed a BREAK after a hectic few weeks so we packed up and headed back, to the beach, for the "last beach trip of the summer". It was suppose to be a warm sunny two days. We left 95+ degree weather (which is hot for us) to find 65+ degree weather, a bit colder than we had anticipated. We were a bit disappointed because we were looking forward to playing, in the warm sun and sand. Well, we still played, in the sand, even though the sun was hiding. We did enjoy the pool at our favorite hotel. The water was warm so I took the kids twice and Cooper (my little fish) 3 times.

On day two, of our trip, we left the hotel and headed south to Newport, OR to visit the Aquarium. We forget how small it really is and it probably wasn't worth the 2 hour drive. Cooper did love seeing the sharks, turtles and fish, etc. It rained on us and we had to have our picnic in the car. Since the trip was really for Cooper it worked out fine. Swimming after we got back to the hotel was the biggest hit of the day!

Day three of our trip; we checked out of the hotel and headed to Tilllamook, OR to see the cheese factory. The factory is really neat and it is fun to see how cheese is made. We love the ice cream so we sat for a while after the tour and enjoyed our choices. Finally, we headed home. We love spending time as a family and exploring our beautiful Pacific Northwest country.

Just hitting the road!
In the parking lot of the aquarium.
We got to touch the star fish and sea anemone.

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Amber said...

You ended up with lots of great pictures. Looks like it was fun!