Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How many trantrums can a 3 year old really have?

The other day I took Cooper and his friend Tyce (that I was babysitting) to the Zoo. Savannah, my date-night baby sitter, came along for the fun and of course Delaney was with us. We had a great time until Cooper threw a huge tantrum. He had taken off running. Lucky for me Savannah was there to catch him. He ran right past the bat exhibit. When I finally caught up with them he wanted to go back to the bats, but since they were long gone we kept going. This is what spurred the tantrum. He was hysterical with screaming, yelling, hitting, etc. Because of this I told him he could not ride the train which ensued an even larger fit. I had to take him aside and try to get him to calm down. Passer-by were just staring and probably thought I was beating him. He ended up settling down and we were able to finish seeing a few animals, but no train. On the way, home he asked for his favorite snack "Chickie-fries" which are chicken nuggets and french fries. Since he was behaving well I agreed.

After, we dropped off Savannah; we stopped by Office Max to get printer ink before "Chickie-fries". While in the store he started misbehaving by grabbing things off shelves and putting them in the cart. Then he would throw things out. I managed to make it to the check out line only to have him throw out items from my purse. I was completely embarrassed. I told him that because of his bad behavior that we would not be getting "Chickie-fries". As you can imaging another tantrum ensued. All the way home he cried, screamed and yelled. When we finally got home he said "Mom, I'm sorry for yelling at you and sorry for being a bad boy!" I was so frustrated, but he really knew what he did was wrong. How could I be mad? I love him so much, but this "terrible 3" phase is going to be the death of me yet!

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