Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vacation Day #2.... Beach, Site-Seeing & SMORES

The second day of our beach trip landed us on the beach litterly... In Washington you can drive on the beach. So I got my first beach driving trip. It really was fun and I was a bit gitty. You would have thought I was one of the kids. I took a ton of pictures with us driving on the beach, parked on the beach and playing on the beach. It really was chilly when we went the first time so we decided to site-see.

We headed to see a light house. We came upon a really old small town called "Oysterville". It was established in 1854. There were still a dozen or more original houses still standing. They were amazing and were right on the bay so they had even better views. On the way back to the beach, we ran into a black bear that decided to cross the road right in front of the car before us. It was really neat!

We then tried our luck for warmer weather at the beach again... no such luck, but the kids were dying to play in the sand. So we parked and got out chairs and sand toys. Of course they had to go in the water. Cooper tripped and got all wet. It didn't phase him a bit. Payton and Cooper loved digging in the sand just as much as playing in the water. Delaney and I tried to catch a few rays and Dad just enjoyed watching us all have fun.

After, playing on the beach, we headed to the little town of Long Beach for lunch. We ate shrimp cocktails, clam chowder in a sour dough bread bowl and fish and chips. Totally Yummy! This town had a ton of souvenir shops so we got the kids "Long Beach, WA" sweat shirt. Then, we rode the merry-go-round and got ice cream cones.

We ended the night with SMORES! There are two things I love about the out-doors... a "camp fire & SMORES!" We had a great second day & an even better night.

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