Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Let's try this again.... SWIM LESSONS!

Cooper started swim lesson for the fist time 5 weeks ago and I actually remembered to bring the camera (only after Pete reminding me for the 12th time before we left). Anyway, he loves water (baths), but didn't really care too much for the pool at first (hence the first picture). Then they let them stand on the steps, which he liked much better. Finally, they got to chase balls and he was happy as can be.

I am able to report that after 5 weeks and only 3 classes as we missed 2 he loves the pool. Sorry, no pictures of recent lesson... I forgot the camera!

I hate the pool...

Daddy just dunked me!

I like the side much better

Now these rings are really cool!

Ok, so this is FUN!

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