Saturday, March 28, 2009

Got to LOVE the Oregon Coast!

So we were feeling cramped and needed to get away so we went to the Oregon Coast. The weather was not the best... it rained most of the time, but we loved it anyway. We had stayed at a hotel we had been to before, the Hallmark Inn. Our first room had a few challenges, but the leaking ceiling sealed the deal. We were transferred to an AMAZING room with an indoor hot tub, fireplace and kitchen. We scored! or so I thought until I went to get in bed and found hairs that were not mine. So after getting new sheets and a free breakfast (which we passed on). We enjoyed the hot tub and slept well. If you don't count getting up at 4am with heartburn from the pizza we had for dinner. It really was good, but we paid for it later. We ended up getting the room for 1/2 off so we saved $$$$ because of our inconvenience.

Cooper loved the Ocean and his new rain boots. It was lightly drizzling the whole time, but we had fun. It is amazing to see life through Cooper's eyes.

We slept in to 9:30am then got ready for the Oregon Coast Aquarium. We were so excited to see Cooper's reaction. It was really crowed because of spring break and rained, but we had a blast.

We ate clam chowder, shrimp cocktails and fish & chips for lunch then headed back for the 3 hour trip home. Cooper and Mom got really tired of the drive and watching Dad try to pass all the SLOW cars! Why can't people pull off to the side (turn-outs) when there are, I don't know, 100 cars behind them?

We are all home safe, but still need to unpack the car, UGH! I don't mind packing, but unpacking is the worst.

On our way to the Coast. Why you ask am I in my P.J.'s? I got sick in the car and threw up. Hence, the change in clothing.

Just checked into our room, unloaded the car, rolled up my pants and now to the water.

Cooper & Daddy posing before we go to the water.
Mom & Cooper on the way to the water.
Sand at last!
Daddy's taking me to the water.

So stinking CUTE!

Like my BOOTS?

Out for a stroll.

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