Saturday, November 12, 2011

Make-Up Artist in the Making

This morning I was getting ready to run some errands... I was putting on my make-up and Laney came into the bathroom and started taking out makeup from my make-up bag. At first, she was using the brushes on her face (coping Mom). Then, she got the eye lash curler and put it up to her eye (boy, they really do watch everything you do). Next, the mascara... it was an old tube and I didn't think she could open it. She left the room and was gone for quite a while. Cooper came running in and told me Laney had "something" in her hand. I went to check on her and this is what I found....

 Her hair got a good coating too!

Needless to say it was equally all over her hands. Cooper never did anything like this!


Allen Family said...

That's because Cooper is a boy, and boys don't wear make up. Lol

Lyndi said...

OMG... Laney did it too!!! I have one of Ian... he wanted "war paint" on!!! The best pic though of Ian is when I told him to look at what he had done and he looked at himself in the mirrored shower doors... I caught the smirk he gave himself! He kind of liked the look I think! ;)