Saturday, October 29, 2011


We had our Annual Trunk-Or-Treat last tonight at our church building. It was a three ward event.... so tons of little trick-or-treater's. Laney was Mini Mouse and Cooper was Buddy the T-Rex from the TV cartoon Dinosaur Train. They love Halloween just as much as their Daddy does. Before the candy the little ones had a costume parade. We were also treated to homemade donuts and hot chocolate which we passed on as the line was too long. We got our favorite "chicken & fries" after instead.

 Cooper was a bit confused that we were trick-or-treating today and it was not officially Halloween, because he is excited for his Daddy's birthday also. He was so cute!

 Laney can only pose for so long!

 Mommy was a witch using last years shirt. It was a bit too big, but she too lazy to get a new one.

 They were a bit pooped after!

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