Saturday, December 19, 2009

Utah Trip July 09- Water Fun

I am so late updating our Blog... we had done so much this year to share, but being pregnant will be my excuse for not updating along the way.

During our trip at Utah we experiance 90 to 100 degree days, something our Washington blood is not use to. Needless to say we were so hot and the idea of water sounded great. Aunt Carrie took us to a local park that had a water area complete with spray guns, rings to run through, etc. There was also a great play set with slide and climbing stuff... Cooper and Charlie had a blast, so did Daddy!

Like mother like daughter... I think we can tell what Charlie will look like all grown up!

Daddy joining in on the fun... tring to spray Charlie.

I'm done!

Big tummy and all! Being pregnant in the heat is no fun!

Charlie striking a pose!

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